Friday, July 9, 2010

Error code SC542

SC 542 Basically the machine is telling you that the fuser did not reach its target temperature in a specified amount of time. In normal circumstances this code will apear if the thermistor is not maintained or replace periodically or in abnormal circumstance the heat lamp blew. This is a Service Tech reset code. Once the error is detected, the printer is toast until you manually clear the error from the keypad. Even though the printer is physically fine, it won't come ready until the prior error condition is cleared.

To prevent this:

1. Never start the machine if your office is far below room temperature. The machine.
2. Maintain the termistor

The Fix

Press and hold online + escape, then power on.
Use up and down arrow keys to select SP2
Press Enter
Use up and down arror to locate SP5
Press Enter
Use up and down arrow keys to select 810
Press Enter
Confirm the selection
Power off and on.
The error code is now cleared.

other way

1. Mode(Yellow Button)

2. 107

3. Press STOP Button for 3 second (RED Button)

4. Copy Sp

5. 5810#

6. Excute

7. Power Off

8. Power On